Most Respected Female Obstetricians in Australia

Australia is blessed for having some of the world’s best doctors. Therefore, looking for the best female obstetrician should not be a problem since there are thousands of them to choose from. They are trained to manage all kinds of complications during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period.

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Although there are also a good number of excellent male obstetricians out there, choosing a female obstetrician to come with many advantages. For one, they truly understand how delicate a woman’s reproductive health is. A lot of expectant moms are also more comfortable in talking about their condition with a fellow woman than with a man. And as you know, proper care is reliant on the patient being comfortable in giving information about her health condition to her obstetrician. So if you are looking for a female obstetrician, here’s a list of the most respected female obstetricians in Australia.

Dr Shelley Rowlands

Dr Shelley Rowlands is a famous obstetrician in Melbourne who is accredited to deliver your baby at some of the best hospitals in the city, such as in Epworth Freemasons Hospital and St Vincent’s Maternity Hospital. Having received her medical degree from Monash University in 1985 and her obstetrics and gynaecology qualifications in 1995, Dr Rowlands is the first female obstetrician in Victoria to have qualified in maternal-fetal medicine.

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During your consultation, Dr Rowlands will ask some important questions about your pregnancy to provide you with the utmost care that you deserve. You will be asked about what is happening to your body and will discuss with you some valuable information that could affect your pregnancy. You may be asked to visit several times and undergo some tests, and you can also make additional appointments if you need to or if you have any concern regarding your pregnancy.

Dr Rowlands and her team at East Melbourne Obstetric Group (EMOG) are dedicated to providing the best care to all pregnant moms, especially those who have high-risk pregnancies. They are well experienced in the field, and everyone in the team is very patient, friendly, compassionate and approachable.

Dr Sophie Lynch

Dr Sophie Lynch is another famous obstetrician and gynaecologist in Australia who has a clinic in Sydney. She graduated from the University of Sydney with a Diploma of Medicine on Sexual Health. After her residency at the St. Vincent’s Hospital, she trained at the St. Margaret’s Hospital before her research year at the Vancouver General Hospital and the British Columbia Cancer Agency.

Working collaboratively with her team of midwives, Dr Lynch aims to make your pregnancy and birth to be as safe and as rewarding as possible. She also works along with some of the best anaesthetists, paediatricians and physiotherapists in the country. Dr Lynch understands that the transition to motherhood is a very important stage in a woman’s life. Thus, she counts it as a privilege to be able to provide utmost care to expectant moms at one of the most momentous stages of their life.

Dr Lynch’s professional experience and expertise, not to mention her calm demeanour and unhurried manner, is all that you need for a safe and rewarding journey to parenthood.

Dr Fiona Cowell

Dr Fiona Cowell is based in Fitzroy and can deliver your baby at Epworth Freemasons Hospital and St Vincent’s Private Hospital. Dr Cowell is very passionate about her professional career, and she loves delivering babies.

Specializing in both low and high-risk pregnancies and infertility, Dr Cowell loves caring for women, especially during the most exciting time of their lives. She is committed to providing specialised care with utmost compassion and warmth. Her love of obstetrics was developed when she’s still a medical student. Having the opportunity to work at a Tanzania Hospital, this is where she saw how great care could make such a huge difference in an expectant mother’s life. Dr Cowell then decided to pursue her passion, which led her to enrol at Monash University and took up Obstetrics and Gynecology on her final year.

Dr Cowell is currently focused on training the next generation of medical students in both Melbourne and Monash University. She also takes time to attend seminars and conferences so she can be updated with the latest research in the field of obstetrics in Australia and around the world.

Dr Jenny Dowd

Dr Jenny Dowd is an obstetrician based in Melbourne. Her love of obstetrics started when she was a student and interned at the Mercy Hospital for Women. She even went on to take elective placements at Gloucester and Dublin just to be certain if this is what she wants for her career.

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Dr Dowd finished her undergraduate degree in 1985, and after which, she worked for Austin Hospital and took a year to travel before she entered the obstetric and gynaecology specialist-training program of the Royal Women’s. It is during this time that she has worked at some of the top hospitals in Melbourne. She also spent a year in the UK working for Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot.

Currently, Dr Dowd is an obstetrician at the Royal Women’s while teaching and mentoring medical students as well as specialist trainees. She is committed to helping pregnant women in achieving a safe and worry-free pregnancy and delivery. She’s passionate about looking after a woman’s health, including those with complex obstetric needs, as well as those who are low risk. To be updated with the latest in the field of obstetric medicine, Dr Dowd would regularly attend conferences and meetings several times in a year.


The field of obstetrics and gynaecology has greatly changed over the past years. What used to be a male-dominated career has now radically changed as evidenced by the growing number of female obstetricians. In fact, almost fifty percent of OB-GYN specialists in Australia are said to be female. And with this increasing number of obstetricians, it’s important that you choose your doctor well. It is not enough that she is a female. She should be someone who is willing to listen to all her patient’s needs and understands her delicate situation. After all, every mother deserves a comfortable, safe and worry-free pregnancy and delivery.